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Raja Ravi Varma-Short Description

Raja Ravi Varma’s specialty denotes a notable turn in the advancement of Indian present-day craftsmanship and Indian craftsmen, toward the start of the development for Indian Independence. His paintings still considered in 10 most famous paintings in India. Ravi Varma’s works, which joined the utilization of oil as a medium and an unmistakably European styleContinue reading “Raja Ravi Varma-Short Description”

Vincent Van Gogh

Most famous Artist who’s paintings are still considered as Most Famous Paintings in History Who was Vincent Van Gogh? Vincent van Gogh was a post-Impressionist painter whose work — prominent for its excellence, feeling, and shading — profoundly affected twentieth-century craftsmanship. He battled with psychological sickness and stayed poor and virtually unknown in his wholeContinue reading “Vincent Van Gogh”


In Greek Mythology, Aethra was known in four different characters. She was the daughter of Pittheus . Pittheus was a king of Troezen. Aethra gave birth to the famous hero Theseus who killed Minotaur with the help of Ariadne. When Aethra’s son, Theseus reached manhood, he and his friend Perithoos kidnapped Helen and gave her to his mother. Aethra guarded Helen while theContinue reading “Aethra”

Amedeo Modigliani- The Famous Artist

Amadeo Modigliani  ,the Italian artist (July 12, 1884–January 24, 1920) is well known for his portraits and nudes, which featured elongated faces, necks, and bodies. The distinctly modernist works weren’t celebrated during his lifetime, but after his death, he achieved great acclaim. Now a days Modigliani is considered as a crucial figure in the development of modernContinue reading “Amedeo Modigliani- The Famous Artist”

10 Most Important Facts of Guernica

This painting was created in 1937 by Pablo Picasso. Here I will tell you 10 important facts about this painting. 1. Guernica is Picasso’s most important political painting. It has remained relevant as a work of art and as a symbol of protest, and it kept the memory of the Basque town’s nightmare alive. When theContinue reading “10 Most Important Facts of Guernica”